Our Club

The purpose of our Club is to provide an opportunity for everyone to dive safely with a group of like minded divers, offer regular and discounted diving  in a fun, friendly and supportive environment

We facilitate training and further education in diving related subjects, often having guest speakers of interest attending our monthly meetings.

From beach diving to days at dÚrville, encompassing free diving and scuba diving of all disciplines, to underwater photography, trips throughout New Zealand and to the Pacific, to cave and wreck diving there should be a trip to suit everyone.

Club Handbook

NUC HandbookFull of history and useful information, the club handbook is an interesting read for all members.

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Committee Members

President - Johnny Little
Club Captain - Larry Oakly
Assistant Club Captain - Craig Morris
Secretary - Katie Terry
Treasurer - Jenny Morris
Club Membership - Janelle Johnson
Editor - Eric Simmons
IT & Website - Nik Spijkerman
Past President - Eric Simmons
Patron - Ross MacDonald
Trainer - Paul Gardiner